I just registered for my next Real Estate course from the DaCosta School of Real Estate so I can level-up my business!

Have you been considering a career in Real Estate? There's opportunity for all!

What Our Students Say...

You Will Love Her!!!
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I'm currently enrolled in Real Estate classes at the DaCosta School of Real Estate with 3 other people. I can tell you that if you are interested in this profession you should enroll in classes with this school.

Julianna the Broker/Instructor is wonderful!!! She is very knowledgeable, intelligent, patient and approachable. I have learned so much about the Real Estate business in such a short amount of time and know that when I sit for the State Exam I will pass and get my License. You will love her!!!

– Angela B. (2021)

This is the Place to Go
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Well explained material, she was very thorough with each chapter. If one is willing to make a change in their life by getting their license, this is the place to go to.

– Andy C. (2021)

Excellent Teacher!
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Excellent teacher! I recommend the school. I learned so much and the teacher was very resourceful.

– Yocasta D. (2021)

An Amazing Experience
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Juliana cares for her students and I had an amazing experience attending her classes.

– Filipe J. (2021)

Best Teacher Ever!
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I learned so much in class very professional. The teacher had over 30 years of experience.I feel positive I will pass the state test with all the information I was given. Classmates and I had fun learning. Thank you Juliana. Best teacher ever!

– Elizabeth R. (2021)

By Far the Best Real Estate School
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This is by far the best real estate school. She made us all part of the class and super fun while learning with great details. Thank you for a great class. You are the best!!

– Tito G. (2021)

Best Teacher I Ever Had
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Juliana Dacosta is the best teacher I ever had, she really knows how to explain in an easy way to make everyone understand.

– Irani V. (2021)

Best School I've Ever Been To
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Best school I’ve ever been to. Since day one I was learning the importance of Real Estate. I highly recommended Juliana’s school if you want a guaranteed pass on your exam and guaranteed knowledge of Real Estate.

– Carlos T. (2021)

An Outstanding Teacher
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Juliana is an outstanding teacher, very knowledgeable and helpful. I did my 14 hour CE class with her and she was just amazing. She makes her classes fun and informative. I really enjoyed having her as a teacher.

– Yaira M. (2021)

A Great Learning Environment
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Amazing place! I learned a lot and had fun. There's no reason why you shouldn't pass your exam here. It's a great learning environment with a professional leading the class.

– Ares M. (2021)